1. What is a modular switch ?

Modular switches are a blend of innovation and research. Each and every household has a peculiar and unique combination of requirements in terms of switches. e.g you might require 5 switches in your TV cabinet with 5 sockets or just 2 switches near your bed. So you can simply select modular plates which can house 5 switches and sockets and fit it into the wall. Thus Modular switches gives you the flexibility to design your own requirements. 

Modular switches consists of few basic parts
Concealed boxes - which are either concealed or surfacel mounted.
Modular plate - in which switches and sockets are fitted.
Switch or plug modules- are fitted according to user requirements in the modular plate.

2. How it is different from normal piano switch ?
Modular plates combine aesthetic and convenience to complement to your interiors which is not the case in piano switches.

3. How do i install the modular switch  ?

The installation is very simple in modular switches as compared to piano switches as you dont have to make slots for switches. The following illustration will give you a rough idea about the installation of the modular switches.

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